Electoral College Screensaver 1.4

on November 16, 2008, 12:00 am

Because I needed to splice my install directory into the system path to implicitly link to the OgreMain DLL and I figured that NSIS (my install packager of choice) would either provide the functionality natively, or have some code I could use to do this. The later was true and I found some horrible NSIS assemlbyish code to do what I wanted. It came from the NSIS wiki and I felt like I could rely on it.

Sometime after I put up my first version, I discovered that in very rare cases, this code would erase the system path rather than appending to it. It took me some time to discover that the bug occured when a maximum string length in NSIS was exceeded. So the solution was to rebuild the NSIS compiler with a longer maximum string length and for those cases were that maximum was exceeded, handle the error rather than erasing the path.

I have since added a warning to the NSIS wiki, but might be checking out Inno installer for my next project

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